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  1. Heather jacobs Collinsville, Ct

    It’s hard for me to describe exactly what the body work is that Paul does. All that matters is it works. You’ll relax and let go of stuff that you didn’t even realize you were holding onto. Paul is able to tap into the root of problems, beyond just the muscle and tissue. He’s off on his travels again and I will be in a long line of customers waiting for him to pass through town again for body work!

  2. Veda Leone Windsor Locks, CT

    I have had hours and hours of body/spiritual done work over the past 5 years. Some of it ongoing with healers I’ve grown to know and love. Yet, the 60-minute session that I had with Paul this past Sunday is the ONLY one that has left me feeling genuine, direct relief DAYS later. I have not had a headache in 3 days and my lower back has been completely pain free for the first time in over a year. Not only am I experiencing physical relief, but I was offered an amazing job (which I have been praying for) on Monday and I won an incredibly important, soul-bursting Poetry Slam on Tuesday. I am still fluctuating between awe and gratitude. So, again…thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessings & Love…Always.

  3. Doug Obrist Canastota, NY

    While on a tour of the states my wife and I visited the Chino Mine in New Mexico. I was standing there overlooking a huge hole in the ground rubbing a very stiff neck. It had been bothering me for several weeks. My wife was talking with this man who apparently was from Vermont, never met him before in my life. He noticed me rubbing my neck and came over and we talked a little and he told me who he was and what he did. He asked if he could be of any help. Well after several weeks of having a very sore and stiff neck I said sure. Paul talked to me and while we were talking he placed his hand on my neck and began to massage, within a minute I was able to turn my head more and more and by the time he had finished I was able to turn my head almost from shoulder to shoulder. Unbelievable ! All the days I suffered, the stiff neck was gone in a few minutes while looking over a vast open pit mine in the middle of nowhere. With my neck feeling better I continued the rest of our trip without pain. So if your ever looking over an open pit mine rubbing your neck and some stranger offers to help, tell him to have at it. Thank you again Paul.

  4. S Marri Truth or Consequences, NM

    I am very fortunate to have experienced Paul’s amazing healing power. He combines so much knowledge and wisdom into a beautifully synchronistic session that is somehow always perfect for the present moment. He is able to seamlessly address the entire being to facilitate true lasting healing.

  5. Sheila Denton Occidental, California

    Paul facilitated a healing experience that was very deep and very special for me. One year after loosing my father, we touched in to a level of grief that I hadn’t known was still residing in my body and in my spirit. The tears of release flowed, and my fluidity of movement was restored to me. In addition, when my twenty-year-old son entered the space unexpectedly, Paul quietly invited him to step in and assist by providing traction (holding my feet while Paul worked on my arms and shoulders). The whole experience was filled with love and tenderness. Paul is a man of deep compassion and conviction. Together with his experience and training in a variety of healing modalities, he facilitates a deeply integrated healing experience that’s quite frankly off the charts and for which there are no words. Paul, you have my deepest gratitude.

  6. Eric sacramento, calfifornia

    Paul is a gifted healer. He worked on my hip and I felt great relief. He is intuitive and seems to grasp the greater picture of health. I would recommend paul’s massage as well. He is welcoming and relaxing making for a satisfying holistic experience.

  7. George Smiley Cleveland, OHIO

    Paul’s ability to incorporate therapeutic and energetic techniques into his massage gives you the space to truly relax. I love how he understands the mind, body and spirit connection during your massage.

  8. Hollie

    Paul has a truly special gift! First, his own personal open spirit and warmth creates a compassionate environment of invitation and comfort on the table. Through Paul’s extensive experience in various practices combined with his sensitivity and intuition, he caringly customizes the work to what you are needing most in that moment. Where you are holding tightness …. the stories that are locked in those knots … begin to release through the Paul’s gentle coaxing. You are guided to remember how to let go, be soft, and just be present – in body, spirit, heart and mind. As the time sadly winds down, you are transformed into an intoxicating place of peace and calm. Paul also offers tips for the self care and kindness so many of us have lost. The self care I would choose would be to have time on Paul’s table each morning and night!!!

  9. Sarka H.

    I was very impressed by Paul’s body work. He is knowledgeable, gentle, and intuitive, his hands are truly healing. He was able to find just the right spots, that needed to be worked or released. I will recommend him to my friends for sure!

  10. breena

    I learned a lot and it felt good. I’m 7 and a half years old and it was fun..

  11. Fran Lynggaard Hansen

    I worked with Paul over a number of years. We met weekly for a long time, and I was impressed by many things. First, the man can keep a confidence. When he says something is private, you can trust his word. Paul is a gentle, kind, soul. He truly wants to help in any way that he can. That said, his boundaries are excellent. I was impressed by his continued willingness to learn. He says that he gathers knowledge from every person with whom he works. He also does a great deal of continuing education. It was great fun to watch him come back from a conference enthused and ready to try something new if that would be of service to me and my bodily issues. I highly recommend Paul. He is thoughtful, caring, and the price certainly is right. With his knowledge and expertise, he could charge a great deal more than he does.


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